We are so good together

We are.

Vincent J Musi


Thomas Ruff - MA.R.S. (2012)

"A combination of the visual data obtained during explorations of Mars and the technological sophistication achieved in images on interplanetary space. As with all of these series on cosmic space, Ruff initially had to sift through a vast body of material that required a certain level of expertise to be able to select and thus interpret what is being seen through the images obtained.

The series MA.R.S. offers a low-level aerial survey of the surface of Mars, using color filters that create a tenuous glow and thus convert the planet’s arid surface into that ‘promise of happiness’ which should be associated with everything related to beauty, according to Stendhal.”

Getting In Line

The first thing they do
is assure you that you’re safe
that no one can see you behind the glass
the second thing they do
is bring in the line of suspects
and immediately it’s harder than you thought it would be
being mugged by beauty
is not the kind of thing a man likes to confess
admitting that you’ve had your breath stolen
is the kind of thing other men will judge you for
they ask you to take a good long look
to really be sure
and that’s when your confidence walks away
like a dejected Santa Claus
reading the note by the plate of cookies
dear Santa
I have to stop believing in you
my parents are going deep into debt
trying to buy me happiness
in this consumerist nightmare that you keep perpetuating
maybe it’s none of my business
but if you keep eating cookies
and drinking coca cola
you gonna get diabetes
your confidence is shot
you say her number
and the detective calls her forward
you freeze
like frost bitten water
like you did and still do
in that moment after you ask someone dance
you are frozen
waiting for an answer
and vaguely recalling how often the word no
sounds like a shotgun blast
being fired into the air
she doesn’t mean for it to come off that way
It’s just
that’s what it takes these days
you look at each suspect and slowly start to realize
it’s not what she wore
it’s not her height or her hair colour
it’s not even her skin
it’s intangible
it’s the way you don’t even have to see her
to tell that she’s smiling
you hear it
as if her throat was lined with feathers
tickling the words out of her
it’s not a laugh
and this isn’t funny
it’s criminal
how easy it is to love her
but she did nothing to provoke the feeling
she is innocent
it should be you in that line up.


Aurora Meets Volcano (Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland) by James Appleton.

Dreaming of lights

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I trust you.

I trust you.

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